Supporting surgical  
 decision making with  
 cutting-edge technology 

 Supporting surgical  
 decision making with  
 cutting-edge technology 

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PreSize®  Neurovascular 

25% of all stenting surgeries are currently unsuccessful.

No two patients, surgeries or stent devices are the same. This makes selecting the right stent for a patient’s anatomy and surgical situation a considerable challenge.

By allowing surgeons to simulate the deployment of a stent ahead of time, PreSize® Neurovascular medical device software makes stenting procedures more precise.

Supporting  surgeons 

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Visualise patient anatomy

Automatically reconstruct a blood vessel tree with a precision rate of over 99%

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Predict stent behaviour

Explore the unique mechanical behaviour of any certified stent device using its digital twin

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Position best-fit devices accurately

Simulate stent deployment with a precision rate of 96.75%


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Our supporters & partners

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A world where every patient and doctor is supported by the most advanced technologies and successful surgical outcomes are the norm


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To provide clinicians with the cutting-edge technology they need to make life-saving decisions and offer their patients the highest standards of care 

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