PreSize® Neurovascular   for surgery planning 

Common vascular diseases are currently treated using a minimally-invasive surgery where a stent is inserted into a patient’s blood vessel. 

PreSize™ Neurovascular is medical device software that supports the planning of neurovascular surgeries involving stent devices. By predicting the behaviour of a particular stent in an individual patient’s anatomy with a precision rate of 96.75%, PreSize™ ensures surgeons select the optimal device for their patient. 

In advance of a procedure, the best stent for a patient’s anatomy and surgical situation can be selected from a digital twin library of all certified stents. PreSize™ provides vital information for successful surgical outcomes, such as deployed device length and degree of device apposition.

How  it works 

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    Import patient data

    In just a few clicks, import patient imaging files into the PreSize™ Neurovascular software tool. PreSize™ automatically creates an accurate 3D model of the patient’s vessel tree to explore.

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    Select stent positioning

    Indicate where stent should start and finish in the vessel model. PreSize™ generates a best-fit virtual stent with the appropriate dimensions, along with the corresponding nominal and deployed length and diameter.

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    Compare devices

    Choose a different make or size of stent, or manually adjust the computer-generated stent as needed. When you’re satisfied with stent placement and dimensions, you’re ready to operate.

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Supporting surgeons

PreSize™ allows you to visualise and compare stents, providing the data needed to make the best decision for each individual patient.  

Curious to  learn more? 

To find out more about us and what we do, please get in touch. 



Supporting surgeons

Curious to  learn more? 

PreSize™ allows you to visualise and compare stents, providing the data needed to make the best decision for each individual patient. 

To find out more about us and what we do, please get in touch. 




Our  partners 

We develop and validate our technology with NHS partners on an ongoing basis. Since the start, PreSize™ Neurovascular has been designed in collaboration with interventional neuroradiologists at multiple NHS Trusts.


PreSize™ received support from: NIHR, MRC, and SBRI Healthcare, EIT Health, Innovate UK and The Royal Academy of Engineering. 


We are currently on the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme that supports the most promising digital healthcare companies based in London. The accelerator programme has put us on the map for NHS trusts, which has led to exciting collaborations.

 Validation  study

Validation of the Deployment Algorithm within PreSize™ Neurovascular

PreSize™ Neurovascular was validated in collaboration with 4 different UK hospitals on 65 patient cases in a retrospective study. Pre- and post-operative data from patients treated with Pipeline Embolisation Device flow diverting stent (PED, Medtronic) were retrospectively analysed. Flow diverter deployed length was compared to the device length virtually deployed in PreSize™ Neurovascular software. Good prediction of the deployed device length was obtained with a mean deployment accuracy of 96.75% and 95% confidence interval [95.90:97.59]). Presize™ Neurovascular software yields highly accurate estimate of the stent length after deployment and, as such, provides interventional neuroradiologists with advanced preoperative planning support real time within minutes.

Who we  are 

 Our Vision  

A world where every patient and doctor is supported by the most advanced technologies and successful surgical outcomes are the norm

 Our Mission 

To provide clinicians with the cutting-edge technology they need to make life-saving decisions and offer their patients the highest standards of care 

Our  certifications 

Our  certifications