How we work with the NHS 

We develop and validate our technology with a number of NHS partners on an ongoing basis.

From the beginning, PreSize™ Neurovascular has been designed in close collaboration with interventional neuroradiologists at multiple NHS Trusts. ​


St George’s University Hospitals

Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

National Hospital for Neurology and Neuroradiology. University College London Hospitals


NHS  study 

PreSize™ Neurovascular will be rolled out across selected NHS Trusts in early 2020 in a pilot clinical study to demonstrate how it impacts neurovascular intervention. In the study, real-world evidence will be collected to demonstrate the clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness of using PreSize™ Neurovascular in practice. Expected results include: more precise stent placement, reduced planning and surgery times, improved patient outcomes.

Patient and public involvement:  NHS patients  

Putting people at the heart of healthcare is an integral aspect of our approach to supporting clinical decision-making. We want to see patients everywhere be able to access cutting-edge health technology.

Oxford Heartbeat has an active Patient Advisory Board consisting of three patient members. The Board meets twice a year to discuss key decisions and explore the potential for using PreSize™ technology in particular patient cases. The Board also provides input into our strategy and clinical trial design. 


NHS  compliance 

1 NICE Evidence Standards Framework

We are committed to aligning our technology with the best practice standards outlined in the NICE Evidence Standards Framework to demonstrate:
  • Credibility with UK health professionals
  • Relevance to current care pathways
  • Acceptability with users
  • Equalities considerations
  • Reliable information content
  • Ongoing data collection regarding usage and value
  • Quality and safeguarding
  • Technology effectiveness

2 GDPR compliance

PreSize™ Neurovascular takes data privacy and security very seriously and protects all personal information in line with GDPR data security standards.

3 Other NHS standards

Oxford Heartbeat also complies with the following NHS standards:
  • Clinical Risk Management (DCB0129 and DCB0160)
  • Data Security Protection Toolkit (DCB0086)
  • NHS Information Governance Toolkit
  • Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (ISB 1556)

4 Contributing to the Long Term Plan

As a digital healthcare tool, PreSize™ Neurovascular contributes to the following goals of the NHS Long Term Plan, Chapter 5: Digitally-enabled care will go mainstream across the NHS:

  • ‘Use decision support and artificial intelligence (AI) to help clinicians in applying best practice, eliminate unwarranted variation across the whole pathway of care, and support patients in managing their health and condition’ – NHS Long Term Plan, 5.8
  • ‘Senior clinicians will be supported by digital tools, freeing trainees’ time to learn’ – NHS Long Term Plan, 5.8
  • ‘Helping clinicians use the full range of their skills’ – NHS Long Term Plan, 5.6 

Our  supporters & partners 

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